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Cleaning Up Your QXpress Folder

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2016 03:04PM EDT

This article details the files that are safe to delete from your QXpress folder and how to locate them.

Part One: Find Your Current Database 

1. Open QXpress.

2. In the Login form, you will find the name of your database to the right of Open Database.

3. Write down the name of this file.  You need to make sure that you do not delete this file.

Part Two: Back Up Your Database.

1. Open QXpress.

2. In the Login form, click Start.

3. Click Skip - don't get new QB data.

4. In QXpress click File > Backup My Database. The Backup this database to: screen will appear.

5. Use the Save in: drop-down list to select a location to save your database.  Do not save your database to the QXpress folder.

6. Click Save.

7. Once the computation process is complete you will be notified your database has been backed up.

8. Click Ok.

Part Three: Clean Out Your QXpress Folder

1. Make sure everyone on your network has closed QXpress.

2. Open Windows Explorer.

3. Go to the location of your database (previously written down).

4. Click View > Details.

5. You may delete all files with a .mdq extension.

6. You may delete all files with tempaid_ in front of them.

7. You may delete all files with D3X in front of them that are a month old (look at the Modified columns for the date).

8. You may delete all backup1.mde, backup2.mde, ... that have not been opened in over 2 months (again refer to the Modified columns for the date).

9. You may delete all files with .xml extension in the qb_extract_temp folder.

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