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The Contact Manager

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2016 03:05PM EDT

The Contact Manager is a feature in QXpress allows events, other than jobs, to be scheduled into the calendar for QXpress Gold, Platinum and Enterprise Users. The Contact Manager can schedule reminders to contact customers, schedule personal appointments, and other reminders. In addition to these features, the Contact Manger can be used to attach external files to service or customer's account.

The Contact Manager can be viewed by clicking Lists > Contact Manager. A shortcut to the Contact Manager can be created in the Tool Bar at the top of the QXpress window. To do this, perform the following steps:

1.  Click Edit > Preferences.

2. Select the Display tab.

3. Check the check-box for Contacts.

To create a new event in the Contact Manager, perform the following steps:

1. In the Contact Manger window, click New Event...

2. Select the Date Entered.

3. Choose the customer that this event is related to.

4. Choose the service that this event is related to.

5. Choose a Group that this event may be a part of.

6. *Choose an Event Type (Email, Phone Call, Site Visit, or Unassigned).

7. *Choose a Status for the event (Active, Cancelled, Done, Unassigned).

8. Choose an Employee to assign the event to. If the employee chosen is the Crew leader, the event will show in the QXpress calendar, in the Day or Week view only.

9. Choose an Equipment entry that that event is related too.

10. *Enter the date and time for the Event reminder.

11. Check the check-box for Alert, to have the contact event pop up whenever the selected customer has a service scheduled.

12. Enter any additional information for the event in the Note field.

13. Click OK.

QXpress will only be able to create the event if these fields have values chosen for them.

When an Event's reminder time is reached, a prompt, highlighted in yellow, will appear in the top right hand corner of the QXpress window, saying, "You have contact events to view." Clicking on the prompt will open the Contact Manger Window and events with the remind time reached will be displayed in bold letters.

QXpress has the ability to filter events based on Status, Type, Employee, Customer, Equipment and Service. Checking the check-box for Show Advanced Filter Conditions will allow QXpress to filter multiple values for each field. For example, a filter can be applied to show only Active and Unassigned Events for a certain Customer.

QXpress can also classify events based on user defined Groups. To display the Contact Manager groups, click Show Groups. Selecting a Group in the Top half of the screen will show only events belonging to that group in the bottom portion of the screen. All of the groups listed will be available to choose from when creating or edit an event.

Finally, QXpress can print a report that lists the Contact Manager events by clicking the Print Icon. There will be two options to choose from, the first being to print the Standard Build in Contact Manager report. The second option will be for the QXpress Platinum and Enterprise users only, where a report can be generated using Template Designer (TD2). In order to use Template Designer (TD2), the Contact Manager Events data source will have to be downloaded. To do this, please perform the following steps:

1. In QXpress, click Reports > Template Designer: Reports.

2. Click Download Template...

3. In the Shared Name field enter 'Contact_Manager_Events'.

4. Click Filter.

5. Select the Contact_Manager_Events template created by Alocet Software.

6. Click Download Selected Template.

7. When the download is complete, the Contact Manager Report will be available in Template Designer: Reports to generate and can be customized.


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