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Creating Additional Companies

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2016 11:21AM EDT
To Create additional companies in QXpress perform the following steps:

1. Make a backup of your current QXpress database.

2. Re-Start QXpress.

3. In the login form press File button.

4. Click Create Blank Database (Non QX-Enterprise Database)

5. Press Start button.

6. The Get QB Data screen will appear. Hit Browse... button to select the proper QuickBooks Database. Make sure this database is currently running and opened in QuickBooks.

7. Press Get New QB Data button.

Each company in QXpress must be linked with a unique QuickBooks database.  nce QB data has been imported into QXpress go to File Log Off / Log In to go into QXpress again. The database file name should now be changed from QXpress_Sample.mde to the name of your QuickBooks database. To switch from one company to the other make sure QXpress is pointing to the correct databases. 

Day To Day Usage:

Whenever you start QXpress, check to see what it says in the Login Form beside"Open Database". If this is not the file you want to open, you'll need to change it so that "Open Database" shows the file you do want to open. To  change this, click File and click on the file you want to open. If you do not see the file you want to open, click Open Other Database, and browse to the database you want to open. 

When you click Start it will log you into whatever database you had chosen beside 'Open Database'. If you ever

want to change the database, while you are in QXpress, just go to File >Log Off / Log In.

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