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Day Specific Sort Codes

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2016 03:06PM EDT
To Set up day specific sort codes perform the following:

Part 1: Set Up Sort Codes

1. In My Calendar click the View drop-down list select List.

2. For each customer, Enter the proper sort code into the Sort Code column.

3. Once all the sort codes are entered click Refresh to order your services.

Part 2: Allow for Sorting by Weekday

1. In My Calendar, click Edit > Preferences

2. The Preferences screen will appear.

3. Click the Routing & Scheduling tab.

4. Place  a check inside the Route by Weekday Sort Codes check box.

Part 3: Verify and Save Sorting Preferences

1. In My Calendar, click Activities > Sorting > Reindex Sort Code By current view.  This will ensure you will not have duplicate sort code values if you decide to view multiple days. Follow the recommendation of QXpress and add the appropriate sort code number. (i.e. Mondays will begin with 1010, Tuesdays will begin with 2010, etc).

2. Click OK.

3. Go to Activities > Sorting > Save the sort code for this day and crew....

4. A prompt will appear.

5. Type YES.

6. Click Ok.

Now scroll through future weeks. You will see the sort codes stay the same for all customers for this crew, as long as services are scheduled. Repeat the above steps for each desired weekday and crew.

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