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Editing The Renewal Letter With Prepay Option

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2016 03:07PM EDT
This article explains how to make common edits to the standard renewal letter named "Renewal Letter with Prepay Option"

To download the template:

1. In QXpress, click Reports > Template Designer: Reports.

2. Click Download Template.

3. Click on the Renewal_Letter_with_Prepay_Option template.

4. Click Download Selected Template.

5. Click Close.

To affect the way the services sort:

NOTE: The services sort first by the Print Order in the Charge Description List screen, then they sort alphabeticallyby the name of the services. 

To edit the Print Orders:

1. Click Lists > Charge Description List.

2. Under the Print Order column, enter your Print Orders in the format 010,020,030, etc.

To change the prepay discount amount:

NOTE: The prepay amount is set to 10% by default.

1. Locate a red colored formula in the details section.

2. Double-click on the formula.

3. Click on the formula field tab.

4. Locate the portion of the formula that has (100-10). Change the number 10 to the percentage you want.

For example, if you want 7 percent, change this to (100-7). Change this for each instance of (100-10).

5. Under the display tab, change the font color from red to white.

6. Repeat for each of the red colored formulas. There are 4 red colored formulas in total.

To change the text that appears at the bottom of the letter:

1. Right-click on the white space of the root template.

2. Click Properties.

3. Click on the Group Fields tab.

4. Click on the BillToFileName group.

5. Click Edit.

6. Click on the Group Footer option.

NOTE: Delete the "Instructions" text box on your real letter.

NOTE: When calculating tax, this template assumes that services are taxable, and uses the tax rate assigned to the customer, not the job items of the service.  If the customer is not taxable, no tax will be added.

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