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Optimizing Speed of QXpress

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2016 11:18AM EDT
The Following are possible solutions to resolve slowness in QXpress:
  1. Compact Database - In QXpress go to File > Compact Database. Compacting your database reduces the size of your mde file and will allow for quicker processing of data. If you are a heavy user of QXpress we recommend compacting every few weeks, however, it is entirely up to your discretion.
  2. Repair Database - In QXpress go to File > Repair Database. Repairing your database will verify your database is utilizing all the proper attributes. 
  3. Disable your anti-virus program's auto-protect feature - We have observed anti-virus programs slow down the synchronization with QuickBooks. There appears to be some feature in the anti-virus program that checks this passing of data between QXpress and QuickBooks which causes a decrease in speed. If you disable your auto-protect and see a large difference in speed issues, you should look into adjusting the settings of your anti-virus program's auto-protect feature.
  4. More RAM - RAM (Random Access Memory) is analogous to oil in a car. If you don't have a lot of oil your engine will run poorly. The more programs you have running on your computer the more RAM required to run all the programs. If you are experiencing speed issues in QXpress make sure you have as few programs running as possible. If you have only QXpress running and speed is still a problem you may want to purchase more RAM for your computer at your hardware dealer.
  5. Get Latest AutoUpdate - Make sure you are running the latest version of QXpress on each of your computers. Keeping up to date is highly recommended.  Click Help > Check for new Updates to do so.  Once QXpress has downloaded an update, you will be required to exit QXpress to start updating. 
  6. QXpress across a network - If you are running QXpress across a network then we recommend using a 100 Mbps network instead of the more typical 10 Mbps network. 
  7. Archive & Condense Data - For users with large amounts of data within QXpress, it can be beneficial to run an Archive and Condense.  This process will archive QXpress services, invoices, history and postable items up to a specified date.  To perform this operation, click Tools > Utilities > Archive & Condense Data...

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